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Whether you think that your life could be better, you feel you have some old traumas that need to be transformed, or you look for answers which couldn't be found for a long time - I invite you to the personal online/offline sessions. You will get an absolutely powerful healing experience.

Perhaps you have dreams but there are some obstacles and you don't know how to overcome them - I'm here to help you to build a greater confidence and a life of your dream.
Life coaching
Identifying problems in different sectors of life (career, money, love), discovering your personal values
Removing negative beliefs
We are what we think. We've got a lot of limiting beliefs which don't belong to us and prevent our growth & happiness. You'll change those beliefs to supporting ones
Work with negative emotions
Negative emotions such as guilt, shame, anger and fear destroy our soul and body. Maria will guide you to find & heal those blocks
Client's requests Maria works with:
Relationship issues (family, friends, colleagues)
Career, purpose of life, mission
Chronic diseases, body blocks and weight gain
Creative solutions to difficult situations
Money issues, expanding financial limits
Hidden and lost parts of yourself
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30 min diagnostic session online
Maria uses variety of powerful tools to connect with the deepest part of you and work with traumas, negative family scenarios, conflicting parts and much more. It's a combination of NLP, regression, metaphorical cards and healing Akasha energies.
Energy therapy for you
Energy healing
We all have energy centres and due to different negative reasons they stop working properly and create health issues. Maria will restore correct energy circulation in your body
Stress release
Whether you have tension, hight blood pressure or headache Maria will use the right energy to relax your body & mind, so you will feel refreshed again
Rehabilitation help
Boosting the powerful sources of your body & set off recovering processes, supporting you after illness and traumas
Individual training with initiation
to Akasha empowerment and healing system

In addition to personal sessions Maria offers a one day training to learn energy healing and balancing yourself. This includes 5-8 hours of work: meditations, theory about chakras and energy, cleaning, initiation, practice. In addition you will get two calls with Maria, 1 hour each after the initiation day, so you can ask questions and receive more knowledge about healing yourself and others.
What does initiation mean?
Basically initiation is an upgrade of your physical and spiritual system. It is a boost of energy and upgrading of your body vibrations to a higher level, which leads to a better health, better intuition and as a result better understanding of yourself and others.
Do I need any preparation to be initiated?
No, there is no need for any preparation prior to the training. Anyone can be initiated to Akasha empowerment healing system and can use it to help him/herself and others.
Maria Surskova is a certified Initiator and Mentor to the Empowerment system Akasha, created by Jack Makani (Denmark)
What Akasha training benefits are?
A tool which is always with you
Whenever you go you can always balance your emotional and physical state with Akasha energies. You can also help your beloved ones.
Clear vision of your life/goals
Step by step you will make a stronger connection with your soul and spirit and will feel your personal way. Your intuition increases multiple times
Powerful exersises
On each level of Akasha training you will receive a guide with theoretical information about energy, chakras and powerful NLP exersises
Boost energy/vibrations
Your energy will gradually come to a higher levels. In fact you will have more light in your body, you will become less vulnerable to negative energies and viruses
Wonderful changes in your life
After you develop yourself and increase your energy levels you will start to have new unique events and new people coming to your life
International certificate
The course is accredited by ICTA and recognised worldwide. In the end of each level you will receive an official certificate stating a level you obtained.
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Past life regression
Life can only be understood backwards;
but it must be lived forwards.

- Søren Kierkegaard
Maria is a spiritual guide, helping her clients return to prior life spans in search of nuggets of information that can improve their present life. Sometimes her clients uncover painful experiences. Other times, they discover a happy memory. However, Maria will support you to receive most important answers and relieve the pain.

What is regression? It is a relaxed meditative state where a person can recall — by seeing, hearing, or feeling — past lives they've lived. Maria uses a variety of tools in her work including breathing and color.

Past lives have helped many people across the globe to unlock trauma, explain anxiety, and even given context to a disease they are living with today.
What can you solve with regression method?
Existential crisis
If you are tired of your job, if you lost a dear person and feel no sense of life, you can find it here with Maria
Inner power
Our sessions will help you to reconnect with your own power. It could be lost or forgotten and you will return it back.
Health issues
Chronic health issues that have no known origin, those with inexplicable phobias, as well as persistent pregnancy issues
Fears, phobias
Some of the fears have a very deep nature. Regression will reveal where it came from, connecting all other reasons for those fears at once
Past traumas
Whether you have some traumas in your adult life, childhood or past lives. This method is perfect for healing the 'wounds' and receiving new inspiring recources
This type of therapy shines a light on why you have particular relationships with people in your life. Understanding interpersonal dynamics through the lens of the past
"Occasionally, clients worry after the regression that maybe they 'just made it up' or it was only their imagination. In the scheme of things, that isn't particularly important. In the first place, we can treat the past life stories as illustrative metaphors for the issues and influences in a person's current life" - Ann Barham
Are you ready for an absolutely transformative experience?
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30 min diagnostic session online
Where Maria was studying
Akasha alliance
Akasha is a unique spiritual development and energy healing system, created by the Honored Master Jack Makani
ICTA association
ICTA certifies Professional Trainers and Master Trainers in NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Enneagram
Reincarnatiology Academy
An institution which provides a wide education and unique tools on past lives regression created by Maris Dreshmanis (Latvia)
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